25 Golden Years of Guitar

1967 (Hendrix Emerges) – 1992 (Grunge Explodes): The 25 Golden Years of Guitar 

For those who are interested in the guitar, do you ever feel like time has stood still since grunge ascended in 1992? 

If you’ve been observing the…

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Anonymity: The Story Behind the Name Roc Warden

Roc Warden is the pseudonym I decided to use when releasing all of my music and creative material. This change was made around 2015 and I'm pretty sure that my friends, family, and anyone following my music must have been…

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Court Jesters, Freak Shows, and Rabid $5 Whores

Court jesters, freak shows, and rabid $5 whores locked in a virtual MMA-style octagon while engaging in perpetual slaughter and disembowelment of each other for dominance; that's the current state of entertainment business.  

Court Jesters 

Entertainers of the 20th century…

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