Fresh Start Online After a Self-Inflicted Digital Death

February 5, 2019

By Roc Warden

While most people spent the summer of 2018 outside taking advantage of the beautiful weather, I was working inside every day on completing the album Resonance (which was two decades in the works) and its accompanying book of transcriptions. Finishing both in one summer was no easy feat, and looking back, I'm not really sure how I did it. Mixing, mastering, and inputting thousands of little black dots on staff lines was a fulltime job with no time for rest or relaxation. Come September, both were complete.

Leading up to the release and distribution of the album, heavy online promotion would seem natural. After all, this was a major project that represented a lifetime of work. A social media post here and there, videos, ads; I'm sure there was a plan to do this at some point. However, shortly after the release, something became clear. First, the mental and physical toll of working so intensely during the summer left me drained and, secondly, I wasn't happy with the way any of my online websites were operating. So, counterintuitive to what should have been done after the release of the album, I decided to delete all of my personal and business websites and social media pages until a better online solution presented itself. 

What happened next is somewhat amusing. After a couple months of disappearing in the virtual realm, returning students would call me and say things like, "Man, are you okay? I tried looking you up online and couldn't find anything. I thought you pulled a musician thing and OD'd." The laughs these conversations brought me almost made the digital suicide worth every second. Not only was I still alive, but I was healthy and very busy working with a full schedule at my guitar school. It's funny how online presence has such a heavy influence on thoughts. 

To be honest, I quite enjoyed the months of disconnecting from the online world. No need to update pages, checked fewer messages, no need to deal with technical issues with site hosting, etc... the list goes on. It was freedom, and the joy of living like it was 1994 again. Alas, the reality is that 2019 rolled in and it was time to get back to the future with a fresh online life that was more to my liking. Simplified, streamlined, and efficient. That was the plan. Hence, welcome to the new site Here you will find music, TABs, videos, lessons, blogs, and anything else related to my music or guitar school.

Thanks for stopping by, and hope you visit again sometime soon.

Sincerely, and alive,

- RW


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