roc warden

Exploring Sounds with the Guitar and Other Instruments

Musically, I grew up playing rock music and went on to study classical guitar for many years. Practiced a whole lot and wound up getting my university degree in Classical Music Theory/Composition. The sparkly tone of the steel-string always interested me, so I eventually morphed again and switched to playing fingerstyle acoustic guitar which is the primary instrument used on my album "Resonance".

As far as music goes, I continue to compose, record, and release music. My most recent project is playing in the band Gloss.

Teaching English Lessons

In addition to playing music, I also teach English. Before I moved to Europe, I became a certified English teacher because it seemed like a natural thing to get into since it's good to be an American native speaker teaching in a foreign land that values the language. I've been doing this for over 10 years, and I've gotten to know the people and culture quite well. Lessons are kept enjoyable for the students as I operate under the assumption that if I keep them smiling, I keep them learning. Lastly, I also like writing blogs which I post on this site and welcome you to read.